Essential oils are a huge part of my life and I use them to treat various ailments from treating a cold to boosting my mood.  

If you've ever received a massage or visited a spa, you most likely have experienced essential oils.  Most spa's will either diffuse essential oils or use them in their massage oil or skin products.  Many teacher have used essential oils to help in the concentration and attention of their students. 

If you've ever wondered what essential oils are and how to use them, this is the episode for you.  Danette Penrod, an essential oils specialist, joins me to discuss using essential oils for improving mood and overall mental health.   

In this episode Danette talks about how to choose your oils, how to blend them, and the best way to make them last.  

Danette can be reached on instagram @danettepenrod or you can visit her website at and get more information about continuing education classes, recipes, and blog.  

You can also check out for more information about Doterra oils.  

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