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Dr. Sekandari

  • Individual (Child, Adolescent, Adult, Senior Adult), Family, and Couple therapy available.
  • Available for consultation, presentations, and workshops.

As of 8/1/21 I will only provide tele-therapy via an online video format for residents of CA and AZ.  The only insurance I will accept currently is Medicare.  

If you need to use your insurance, please contact your insurance plan about "Out Of Network" benefits for "therapy with a psychologist".  

I am currently out of network with most insurance plans with the exception of Medicare.  If you're interested in using your insurance, please contact your plan and ask about "out of network benefits for individual therapy with a psychologist" and ask about how much can be reimbursed and what your out of pocket expenses will be.    I can help you by preparing a monthly statement of your services you have paid for at my office.   You may then be reimbursed directly by the insurance company for services you have received.

A Free 10 minute phone consultation will be used to determine a good therapeutic fit. Once good fit is determined, an initial session will be scheduled to gather more information and initiate treatment plans.  If your needs fall outside my scope of practice, I'll be happy to provide you with qualified referrals.

Can I Use Insurance?

I am an in-network provider for the following insurance companies:

 👉 Medicare 👈

If you do not see your insurance company in this list, you may ask them if they will accept out-of-network providers for PPO plans.

IMPORTANT!  Before your first appointment, please call your insurance company and find out the following information:

  • Do I have mental health benefits?
  • Is it through Medicare?        
  • Do I have Medicare supplemental Part B coverage?
  • How many sessions per calendar year does my plan cover?
  • How much do I pay for out-of-network provider?

Please use the form below 👇 to contact us for BRIEF questions.  

Please be advised that I will be unable to provide any advice online.  If you're interested in setting up an appointment, we can then discuss your concerns in detail.  

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