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Transforming Anxiety: Live Coaching Program

If you're a busy professional struggling with perfectionism, procrastination, and fear of failure, this program is perfect for you.  Through a comprehensive 6 week course which includes live weekly group coaching, you'll learn how to get to the root cause of your perfectionism and procrastination so you crush your work goals!  

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The Transforming Anxiety Course

This comprehensive online course will help you transform your anxiety at the root.  

The course will teach you step by step instructions to really understand your anxiety and transform it for long term management.  

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The Beginner's Guide To Managing Anxiety

This mini course will provide you with the essential tools to get started on your healing journey towards anxiety management.  

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Transforming Fear Training

Transform YOUR fears at the root through this mini online training that teaches you scientific based tools to regain control of your life from fear.

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Healthy Marriage Course For Muslims

A comprehensive 3 Step course to help young single Muslims go from just thinking about marriage to creating a healthy foundation during the first year of marriage. 

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