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In these online training programs, you will learn easy and proven strategies to manage your anxiety naturally. 

You no longer have to worry about panic attacks.  You will learn all the tools you need to become the BOSS of your anxiety and stop allowing anxiety to control you!  

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Hello! My name is Nafisa Sekandari and I'm an integrative and holistic licensed clinical psychologist in private practice, an award winning author, lecturer, and online trainer. 

I specialize in anxiety based disorders and anger management. My goal is to educate my patients and students to manage their symptoms naturally and holistically.  

Through my personal experience with transforming my anxiety, I've since helped hundreds of people transform their anxiety, naturally and without medication.  

With my online courses, you can learn how to manage your anxiety at your own convenience and from the comfort of your home.  

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Books by Dr. Sekandari

Afghan Cuisine: A Collection Of Family Recipes

Afghan Cuisine cookbook was the 2011 bronze medal recipient for the national Living Now book awards.   "Afghan Cuisine" is a wonderful introduction to cooking Afghan food. The recipes are presented in a very easy-to-follow format where even the most inexperienced cook can make healthy and delicious Afghan food. With Afghan Cuisine anyone can make the authentic and delicious dishes they've tasted and experienced in Afghan restaurants.


Steps Towards Gratitude: A Journal

This self help Journal is filled with inspirational quotes to inspire and motivate you to take action towards your short and long term goals. 


Love Is Hidden In Small Places

Heart shapes found in every day objects bring to mind thoughts of love, romance, and happiness.  This book combines photos of beautiful, naturally occurring heart shapes with inspiring and endearing quotes.  Prepare to escape into the sweet world that is hidden all around us if we only stop to take notice.


Digital Book Bundle: OCD and Religiosity

This digital mini-book will help you better understand the connection between Obsessive Compulsive Disorder and religiosity and provide you with simple actionable steps to managing scrupulosity.  

Additional free resources accompany this book which you'll find in the member portal. 


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