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"Thank God I have learned how to retrain my brain! I’ve been able to heal and have the coping strategies to deal with any symptoms of anxiety and depression. I’ve actually been free from any anxiety and depression for a long time. I’m proactive and know how to deal with my thoughts before anything gets out of control. For this I’m grateful to God and thankful that Dr. Sekandari taught me these life skills. "

"Dr. Sekandari changed my daughter’s life and helped us heal as a family. There are not enough words to express the gratitude we have for Dr. Sekandari’s help. "

"My Anxiety IS COMPLETELY GONE!!! It feels weird to feel normal again BUT I LOVE THIS FEELING. Dr. Sekandari taught me excellent coping skills for my Anxiety. My life had returned to normal and I'm a more enjoyable person to be around."


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