What To Know Before The Nikkah

 Premarital Online Course For Muslim Couples

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Do you dream about having a healthy and loving marriage, but feel anxious about marrying the wrong person?


50% of marriages end in divorce, so how can your marriage last for decades and be loving and stable?

It's possible  if you learn and understand the secrets to a successful marriage.

Inside this course, we will help you so you can:
  Confidently ask all the right questions to find out if you've found "the one"
Handle disagreements in a mature and loving way
Avoid mistakes during your first year of marriage
Limit negative interferences by friends and family 
Create a long-lasting relationship (Insha'Allah)

If you’re thinking about marriage or are currently in the process of getting married, this pre-marital course is for you!

Build Your Dream Marriage!

What Past Students Are Saying...

"Dr. Sekandari gave me practical steps on how to ACTUALLY have a positive outlook on being ready for marriage. She answered a lot of questions I've pondered about recently and re-assured me that a lot of people are going through the same questions over and over in their head that I've been questioning myself about".

 "Dr. Sekandari and Sister Hosai offered great insight on the whole range in which one can communicate to achieve their goal of marriage. I would highly recommend learning from them. The information they provide is priceless. I also loved the chronological order in which the information was presented and the details offered".

"The instructors, Dr Sekandari and Hosai Mojaddidi, gave very good overview of the things to look at in myself before marriage. I think I was not sure why I want to marry. So with the guidance of the instructors I can navigate these questions without anxiety and also find reliable sources of information


Don't make the most important decision of your life blindly!  

Enroll Now and Prepare Yourself For Marriage