Are You A Service Provider Who Works With Muslims?

Given the diversity within the Muslim community, it's important to understand how this diversity impacts your practice.  This comprehensive training will provide all that you need to know to provide the most effective service delivery with Muslims.  This is the most comprehensive Culture Specific Training for service providers who provide direct services to Muslims.


Do you provide services to Muslims?? Muslims are one of the most diverse communities in the world.  Understanding how this diversity impacts your practice can help you be more successful in your treatment goals.  

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Feel Competent

This training will help you feel confident and competent in your work with Muslims.  

Provide Effective Treatment Plans

Your patients will feel more comfortable with you, leading to more successful treatment plans

Diversify Your Practice

Increase your income by including Muslims in your practice and DIVERSIFY your practice at the same time. 

What Muslim Health Care Recipients Are Saying About Service Providers

In studies about Muslim patient health care experiences, Muslim participants had an expectation that providers should have a basic level of knowledge about their patients. Below are a few comments from the study.


"That every one of us has to sit, educating her doctor about her beliefs. It’s general information - he can take a two-hour presentation. He can learn this, and that’s it. And then you don’t have to sit and educate."

One participant wished that healthcare providers would have a basic understanding of American Muslims in order to decrease the burden of having the patient to explain their culture and religious beliefs and practices...

"It would be good for hospitals to... teach other people about our religion and our culture. Because sometimes, people act the way they do out of ignorance. They don’t know the beliefs and the way Muslims behave."

"A lot of doctors ask really basic things and you’re kind of like they should already know that stuff. "

Frustrated Patient

"I think also we get stereotyped or maybe they have a few in-services at the hospital and everyone thinks they know everything about Muslims when we’re all very, very different."

Participants asserted that Muslims are often stereotyped and generalized, despite the community’s diversity

"Participants said that cultural competency efforts should educate healthcare practitioners about basic Islamic beliefs and practices, thus helping to reduce stereotypical care and discrimination"

"I think we all know of stories where due to someone having an accent or appearing Muslim that sometimes the doctors may be more blunt with you, or they belittle you, or not give you the time of day"

Participants often described the healthcare system’s atmosphere as unwelcoming

This Training Is The Most Comprehensive Culture Specific Training About Muslims

By enrolling in this online training you will get to:

  • Create staff and intern training without scheduling conflicts with outside speakers.
  • Save MONEY and TIME with a One Time Purchase and Life Time Access.
  • Improve your service delivery from the comfort of your home.
  • Receive continued support in your work with Muslims with private Facebook group membership.
  • Become CERTIFIED and stand out as a TRAINED service provider with the Muslim community.
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Training Modules

The modules are categorized in 3 clear and easy to follow format

Modul 1: Islam Basics

In this section we will briefly cover some basic information about Islam as a religion and provide you with background information about the religion as it applies to the daily lives of Muslims

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Module 2: The Muslims

In this section we will cover the diversity within the Muslim community as well as address the mental and medical struggles Muslims deal with such as substance abuse, marital difficulties, suicide, homosexuality, and dark magic and Jinn possessions.  We will also address how to deal with the social stigma related to mental illness and treatment.  

Module 3: Best Practice Service Delivery

In this section we will address best practice solutions to dealing with Muslims in your practice.  We will discuss appropriate steps to take when working with Muslims when discussing immigration, family conflict, privacy and modesty, and so much more.  

About Dr. Sekandari

Dr. Sekandari is a licensed clinical psychologist and director of 

Since 2014, Dr. Sekandari has been training service providers from diverse fields such as mental health, medical, educational, and even interfaith religious groups to provide culturally competent services to their Muslim patients and clients. 

Dr. Sekandari has since put together years of training material in this very comprehensive training program to provide you with the relevant and necessary information to provide the most effective and culturally appropriate service to your Muslim patients and clients.  

Featured in...

The Truth About Islam and Muslims

Due to the global rise of Islamophobia, getting factual information about Islam and Muslims can be difficult to find but the truth is:

  • Muslims are a very diverse community, which includes people from all over the world, as well as different ethnicities. Generalizing among Muslims is a mistake many people make.
  • Islam is the fastest growing religion in the world and as a result, there are many converts new to Islam from the European, African American, and Latin backgrounds. 
  • Despite being considered foreign to the West, Islam and Muslims have been part of the United States and European history for centuries. 
  • Despite the belief that Islam oppresses women, Islam actually elevated the status of women over 1400 years ago. 
  • Due to the emphasis for higher education in Islam, Muslims tend to be one of the most educated and highly employed individualsIncluding Muslims in your practice can make good financial sense.  

"Dr. Sekandari offers a rare and important training to help increase cultural competence when working with the Muslim population, about whom there is much misinformation in the media, etc. She is clear and gentle in her own delivery, and creates a safe and powerful environment for learning. "


"I thoroughly enjoyed Dr. Sekandari's presentation. She helped me understand the culture, history and important factors to consider when addressing mental health concerns. I found this to be an integral part of diversity specific training and an aspect that I had not previously received specific training on. Thank you, Dr. S!, "

Dr. Flint, Psychologist

"Dr. Sekandari provided a comprehensive understanding of working with the Muslim individual. Many pressing questions were answered about the Muslim community during the presentation that was not related to the topic but was on the participants minds due to the negative information in the Media about Muslims. Helped us understand our own biases when working with Muslims. I learned so much and feel more comfortable in my interactions with Muslims"


"I work with Muslims as a Physician's Assistant but didn't know enough about the culture and religion to understand culture specific concerns. Participating in the training has really helped my service delivery with my Muslim patients"

Physician's Assistant

"The introductory class I took with Dr. Sekandari provided an excellent overview of pertinent issues for working with the Muslim community, in addition to specific strategies. I highly recommend her classes. Dr. Sekandari‘s teaching methods are clear, concise, and filled with usable strategies. I’m looking forward to her Master Class."

School Psychologist

"Very informative training covering a wide range of topics relative to understanding and serving Muslim clients."


Frequently Asked Questions

Muslims are one of the most diverse groups in the world.  Given this diversity, there is a chance Muslims will come and seek your services and you might not know they are Muslim.  You may UNINTENTIONALLY say something that could impact your relationship with your patient or client.  Getting training helps you feel confident working with diverse groups, regardless of background.  

As part of the bonus material included in your purchase, you will be granted membership in the private Facebook group for service providers working with Muslims, where you can get support from your peers and myself about any issues that may come up in your work with Muslims.  

The course is about 2 hours and covers basic information about Islam, provides detailed information about Muslims, and ends with best practice service delivery with Muslims.  

The sections are clearly marked and separated so you can easily navigate to the sections you need.  

The course can definitely be offered for CE's and training of staff and interns.  You have to apply with your state licensing agency to get approved for CE's.  

Although you don't NEED to be certified, the certificate can signify your commitment to cultural competence and give you an edge over other providers in your marketing. 

Given the limited number of Muslim providers, we need the proper training of non-Muslim providers to best meet the health care needs of Muslim patients.

This rare opportunity to become certified as a provider can have great benefits for your practice as well as to the Muslim community.

Being certified to work with Muslims means something to the Muslims coming in to seek your services. It means you will understand their symptoms or difficulties from the perspective of their culture and religion.

This means A LOT to Muslims since their religion is a way of life for most of them. It also means they can relax knowing they are in capable hands. That trust could lead to more referrals and repeat customers.

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Included with your purchase of the online training "Culturally Competent Service Delivery With Muslims", you get:

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  • Slide Deck
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