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 Dr. Nafisa Sekandari, licensed clinical psychologist, specializing in anxiety based disorders, award winning author of Afghan Cuisine Cookbook, host of the Mental Health Break Podcast, and CEO of the Transforming Anxiety Online Training courses.

Dr. Sekandari has a deep personal and familial history of anxiety and OCD, but didn’t connect her own symptoms to anxiety until after the birth of her child. Using her personal along with professional experience as a psychologist, Dr. Sekandari created a holistic and integrative approach to creating long term control of anxiety, without medication or long-term therapy.  By treating anxiety and OCD at the root, Dr. Sekandari has successfully transformed the lives of hundreds of individuals and helped them regain control of their lives from anxiety and OCD. 

 Additionally, Dr. Sekandari has presented professionally to state and national conferences as well as local organizations.  She also represented the American Psychological Association and the Arizona Psychological Association as the Diversity Chair for 2 years and traveled to Washington D.C. and advocated for Mental Health Awareness to members of congress. She has also presented to the Department of health and Human Services in Washington D.C. about ending the stigma of mental illness in general.

 Dr. Sekandari is also passionate about ending the stigma of mental illness within the Muslim community and has worked tirelessly to raise awareness about mental health issues facing the community through her website    Her commitment to helping the Muslim community earned her an invitation to the White House Iftar Dinner in 2014, where she had the opportunity to meet President Obama. 

Dr. Sekandari is on a mission to make mental health accessible to the masses…regardless of where they live in the world. 

Through her Mental Health Break podcast, Dr. Sekandari aims to encourage her audience to prioritize their mental health and create dialogue about mental health in general. 


 Short Media Bio:

Dr. Nafisa Sekandari is a licensed clinical psychologist and award winning author who has over a decade of experience working with individuals and couples in private practice.  Dr. Sekandari specializes in anxiety based disorders, and through holistic and integrative interventions, helps her patients and online course students create long term control of their anxiety and OCD symptoms, without medication or long term therapy. 

 Dr. Sekandari, through scientifically proven brain training techniques,  creates breakthrough experiences, allowing her patients and online students to finally regain long term control of their lives from anxiety and OCD and finally feel empowered again. 



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