Dr. Nafisa Sekandari, Licensed Clinical Psychologist

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Hi, I'm Dr. Nafisa Sekandari and I'm a Licensed Clinical Psychologist specializing in anxiety based disorders.  I have over 20 years of experience working with individuals and families in private practice, clinical agencies, schools, and prison and treating symptoms ranging from depression, learning disorders, anxiety, and ADHD.  After years of being contacted by individuals from around the world for treatment of anxiety and OCD, and being unable to serve them due to licensure restrictions, I've decided to create virtual trainings that include the most scientifically based and proven strategies for the treatment of anxiety and OCD and combined it with the self paced, convenience of at home learning to create long term control and management of anxiety without medication and hours spent in therapy.  With these self paced virtual trainings, you'll get life time access to the trainings so you can go back and reset anytime you need.  To learn more click here.  

I've had the great privilege of meeting some amazing contributors to the field of psychology over the years.  These people have influenced my practice in numerous ways.  I've learned from Dr. Francine Shapiro the art of EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing  is a psychotherapy treatment that is used to alleviate the distress associated with traumatic memories).  I've learned about family therapy and systems from Dr. Salvador Minuchin.  I've learned about group therapy from Dr. Irvin Yalom, and about the importance of cultural diversity from Dr. Derald Wing Sue. Dr. Harville Hendrix, along with Dr. Sue Johnson have taught me about marriage and relationship issues.   Dr. Dan Siegel and Dr. Martin Seligman have inspired more mindfulness and positivity in my practice. Dr. Harriet Lerner taught me early on about the internalized anger women harbor in her amazing book, "The Dance of Anger".  Of course where would we be today without Dr. Aaron T. Beck, the father of Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT), which I use regularly in my daily practice. His daughter, Dr. Judith Beck, does amazing work with using CBT with weight management and weight loss. Dr. Daniel Amen really helped me gain a deeper understanding about the brain and the importance of taking care of it so it can take care of us.  

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In 2014, I was honored by the invitation from the White House to attend the Annual Iftar Dinner, which is a dinner during the month of Ramadan.  The Iftar dinner celebrates Muslim community leaders from around the country.  Being at the White House and meeting President Obama was such an amazing opportunity and experience.  


"I never felt comfortable with other therapists that I had tried so I was worried that the same thing would happen. But that’s not the case with Dr. Sekandari. She was the first person I actually felt very comfortable with and felt I could for once open up and talk about things I had kept hidden and finally work through them for the first time ever in my life.

For the first time I was able to work through my past and move forward with my life for once. It was the first time in years that I felt that I could breathe. You also helped me with a very traumatic part in my life that took place. I was able to work through it and heal from that as well. I never thought I would ever be able to let go of all my past and also my present at the time. You are the one who gave me my life back for the first time. I can never thank you enough for that.

The fact that you always made me feel comfortable and I could tell you actually cared and wanted to help me through things in my life. You gave me a lot of coping tools that I still use till this day. You are an amazing Dr and it was definitely your calling"

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"I liked how much she understood my mental problems on a physiological aspect and that I didn’t have to explain my disorders. She already knew and that in itself is what really caught my attention.

I’ve definitely done better with time management and planning out my days/life, setting appropriate and achievable goals in order to reinforce the positivity of what I can accomplish whatever I put my mind to.

I would definitely recommend Dr. Sekandari to those who have gone through medication and are looking for a more natural therapy that differs from prescriptions.

I enjoyed my sessions a lot and always looked forward to them"

"I did not have any hesitations about working with Dr. Sekandari. I felt comfortable from the moment I met her and knew that she would be a good fit for my daughter.

My daughter increased her coping skills and self-confidence working with Dr. Sekandari.

What I liked best about my daughter working with Dr. Sekandari is that she loved going to see her because Dr. Sekandari would give her full attention and insight into issues that were most important. She truly cared about my daughter and her well being and it showed through her work.

The areas my daughter benefited most in were self discovery, self reflection and self regulation.

I would unequivocally recommend Dr. Sekandari to anyone looking to better themselves using a holistic approach. She is an empathetic therapist that is committed to her clients.

The most important thing people should know is that Dr. Sekandari changed my daughter’s life and helped us heal as a family. She goes above and beyond for her clients. If you want that for yourself or someone you know, then she is the therapist to go to.

There are not enough words to express the gratitude we have for Dr. Sekandari’s help"