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Why I Taped My Mouth Shut!

I recently had an annual check up and I was totally taken aback when my doctor asked if I suffered from sleep apnea.  I asked why she thought this and she informed me that I had symptoms that appeared to be related to interrupted sleep.  She recommended a sleep study but I wanted to rule out other causes before taking that step.  

Through my research I discovered the impact mouth breathing has on sleep.  The past few months I've woken up from severe dry throat and didn't know the cause.  I also woke up frequently through the night and couldn't pin point the reason.  

In doing this research about mouth breathing, I learned about taping the mouth for good sleep.  Breathing is something we do all day, every day. You probably took 12-16 breathes just in the past minute but did you stop to observe if you breathed through your nose or mouth?  

Although I'm generally a nose breather during the day, I noticed I...

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