Free yourself from excessive brain chatter, obsessive patterns, and constant worries

so you can feel empowered and confident in your relationships, overcome irrational fears, and reduce your sense of stress and overwhelm

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You're driven, detail oriented, and highly successful 
but at what cost???

  • Are you unable to sleep because your thoughts are racing and your brain is overactive?
  • Are excessive fears & worries standing in the way of you achieving your goals and dreams?
  • Are you noticing your brain getting stuck on irrational thoughts and beliefs, and being unable to let them go causes you to feel stressed and overwhelmed?
  • Are you noticing that the fights and arguments in your relationships are due to you personalizing and overreacting to what you hear? 
  • Does being unable to forgive, and tendency to hold grudges impact your personal and professional relationships?

You work so hard and achieve so much in your life but the anxiety and stress can feel overwhelming.  The over-anxious brain can create limitations towards your success. 

It doesn't have to be this way! 

You can create long term control of your life from the anxiety and sense of overwhelm...but first you have to understand what's causing these irrational thoughts and beliefs.  

Your Over-Anxious Brain Tendencies Are NOT Your Fault!

When your brain gets stuck on irrational thoughts and beliefs, or makes a big deal out of minor issues, that's not your fault, but how you deal with it is in your control!  

Allowing your fears and worries to control your life can lead to impaired relationships, a weakened immune system due to the high level of stress you carry, and feeling out of control and powerless.

Understanding what causes your brain to get stuck in worries, as you train your brain to control your thoughts is crucial to regaining control of your life. 

When your brain gets stuck on irrational thoughts and beliefs habitually, that's what's known as Obsessive Compulsive Traits known as OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder).  

👉 OCD can be a "disorder" if it's unmanaged and uncontrolled 

Once OCD is managed and under control, it can be a gift instead of a "DISORDER".  

Once you're in control of OCD, you also control your life, your relationships, your job performance, your finances, and even your religious practice. 

That's why this "Disorder" can be a huge gift if you know how to make it work FOR YOU!

Once you understand OCD, and retrain your brain to make it work for you, you will feel more confident and in control of your life!   

....All without medication or long term therapy!

Let me show you how!  


This course is designed to help you gain a deeper understanding of your brain and provides you with the proven and effective strategies to free yourself from excessive brain chatter, obsessive patterns, and constant worries so you can feel empowered and in control of your life again  

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"As a licensed clinical psychologist in practice for almost 15 years, I've helped hundreds of people regain control of their OCD Symptoms without medication or long term dependence on therapy. I can help you do the same".

Hi!  I'm Dr. Nafisa Sekandari and I'm a licensed clinical psychologist specializing in anxiety based disorders. 

Through my own personal and familial history with OCD as well as helping hundreds of patients and students regain control of their lives from OCD for almost 15 years, I'm on a mission to help you feel more in control and empowered when dealing with anxiety and OCD.

I created the Transforming OCD Course to help high achieving individuals like yourself to create freedom from irrational fears and excessive worry, all while calming your brain and being more efficient in the process.  

This on-demand virtual program will help you regain control of your life from OCD symptoms of anxiety, stress, overwhelm, excessive fears and worry, and irrational thoughts, beliefs, and behaviors.   

You can start immediately, at your own pace and from the comfort of your own home.

You will have direct access to me and my team to answer your questions as you go through the course.

Additionally you'll also get a free 90 day access to the "Transformed You" membership where I will answer your questions via live Q & A once a month.


"The OCD Course helped me with my daughters OCD issues.

I appreciated the resources provided to us... they helped set up a plan on how to deal with her anxiety and OCD. What I liked best about Dr. Sekandari's approach were the resources for my daughter such as diet advice, meditation, and tapping. The areas I've benefited the most have been using the plan to address OCD with my daughter, and for myself".


It feels weird to feel normal again BUT I LOVE THIS FEELING. Dr. Sekandari taught me excellent coping skills for my Anxiety. My life has returned to normal and I'm a more enjoyable person to be around"

My 3 Step Success Formula
For Long Term Control Of OCD

Step 1:

Having a deeper understanding of what OCD can actually look like and how it impacts your life is the first step in getting to the root of OCD

  • This deeper understanding about the root cause of the anxious thoughts and beliefs will lead to long term control and management of OCD
  • Understanding how your brain works and what happens when it gets stuck can help you redirect your mind in seconds.
  • By becoming mentally flexible, you're able to weave in and out of irrational thoughts and fears effortlessly.

Step 2:

  • Discover the lifestyle changes that will transform and change your mindset with proven and effective strategies so you can create long term control of your OCD without the need for medication or long term therapy.
  • Learn how to naturally increase the serotonin levels in your brain with effective supplements so you can stop feeling stuck and being more mentally flexible.  
  • Learn about the delicious and nutritious foods that calm your brain and improve your mood.  

Step 3:

  • Learn effective and proven strategies required to maintaining your hard earned progress. 
  • Gain support from the Transformed U Community, where you can connect with other course members and ask questions when stuck.
  • Get live monthly group coaching with me and get your questions answered in the Transformed U membership.  The FREE 90 Day Access to the Transformed U membership and Live Group Coaching will provide continued support on your healing journey! 
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"I no longer have anxiety that interferes with my life!"

I’ve been able to heal and have the coping strategies to deal with any symptoms of anxiety and depression. I’ve actually been free from any anxiety, OCD, and depression for a long time. I’m proactive and know how to deal with my thoughts before anything gets out of control. For this I’m grateful to God and thankful that he introduced me to Dr. Sekandari and her course, which taught me these life skills.

Dr. Sekandari has helped me so much, and my life has forever changed. I no longer have anxiety and depression that interferes with my life. The OCD Course and Dr. Sekandari were an answer to my prayers for healing and recovering from the prison of my OCD thoughts".



What's Inside the course:

Module 1:

Understand OCD & Your Baseline

  • Understand what it means to have OCD and what leads to your brain getting stuck so you are never derailed by OCD again.
  • Get clear about your starting point and your genetic history with OCD and identify how OCD impacts other family members. 
  • Name the little monster in your head that's currently controlling your thoughts and behaviors so you can easily tame and train it to work for you instead of control you.  

Module 2:

Where Does OCD Show Up In Your Life?

  • Understand the various OCD Themes (example: excessive cleanliness, germ phobia, harm OCD, religiosity, etc) and how they create limitations in your life. 
  • Once you understand what your “theme is” you’ll be able to successfully target your intervention.  

Module 3:

Where Are You On The OCD Spectrum?

  • Understand the severity of your distress level with OCD
  • Once you identify your distress level on the spectrum, you can nip new OCD symptoms that come up. 

Module 4:

Strategies To Overcome OCD Naturally

  •  Learn my exact proven methods that will create long term control of OCD...naturally!

  • Gain a deeper understanding of how your brain works, and how to calm your over-anxious brain.

  • Learn natural ways to boost the serotonin levels in your brain so you never feel out of control again....all without medication or long term dependence on prescription drugs. 

Module 5:

Understand How OCD Tricks You

  • OCD like to play games and trick your brain so it freaks out over irrational and unwanted thoughts. Learn to identify the games and tricks OCD likes to play to throw you off balance, and avoid getting sucked in by OCD’s tricks.

  • Learn how to talk back to OCD and train your brain to feel more in control in the face of OCD's tricks.

Module 6:

Beat OCD For Good-How To Adapt Your Lifestyle

  • Learn about the simple yet powerful delicious foods to incorporate in your diet along with effective supplements that will support your brain from getting stuck while keeping you calm and in control.  

Module 7:

Protect Your Relationships From OCD

  • Learn how to manage the irrational thoughts and beliefs that can sabotage your personal and professional relationships.
  • You’ll also learn to improve your communication skills to manage conflict in a healthy and productive manner. 

Module 8:

Overcome OCD Forever-Strategies That Don't Require Long Term Therapy

  • Learn about the powerful strategies required to maintain the progress you’ve made from the course so you can move forward in your life feeling confident and empowered 

Additional Bonus Material

Bonus Material

Do You Worry About Religious Guilt Or Catastrophes in Your Mind? This Is For You! 

  • Bonus: The Catastrophization module will help you regain control of your irrational reactions and put problems in perspective all while helping you think rationally.
  • Bonus: The Scrupulosity and Religiosity module will help you regain control of OCD as it impacts your religious worship and practice.  

This course will help you feel empowered and in control of your life from your over critical and judgmental mind.

You can stop the irrational thoughts and beliefs once and for all and move forward in the direction of your goals and dreams.

One time payment


Comprehensive Course ($897 value)

  • OCD Guide and Workbook ($97 Value)
  • Scrupulosity and OCD Guide ($197 Value)
  •  Supplement and Sleep Guide ($197 Value)
  • Meditation Guide ($97 Value)
  • Free 90 Day Membership Access ($291 Value)

Total Value: $1776



6 monthly payments


  •  Comprehensive Course ($897 value)
  • OCD Guide and Workbook ($97 Value)
  • Scrupulosity and OCD Guide ($197 Value)
  •  Supplement and Sleep Guide ($197 Value)
  • Meditation Guide ($97 Value)
  • Free 90 Day Membership Access ($291 Value)


    Total Value: $1776 


Plus, You'll Be Backed By A Risk-Free 14 Day Guarantee!

The "Transforming OCD" Course is a very comprehensive course for those seeking long term control of their OCD symptoms. If you're committed and excited to regain control of your life from OCD, this program is for you!

If within 14 days, you've tried the program, and tried the strategies but determine the program is not for you, simply reach out, show us you've put in the work, and we'll refund your investment. Full details here >>>>

You might be thinking
"Why Should I Invest In This Course If I'm A Driven Overachiever??" 

Type A/Overachieving individuals are very driven and often successful, but at a cost.  That cost is high stress and overwhelm, feeling of doubt and uncertainty, and fear of failure constantly looming in the background.  Uncontrolled and unmanaged OCD only worsens over time, and can become debilitating under stressful situations.  

You can still be an overachiever and still very successful.... without the stress and overwhelm.  

Anxiety can drive you to succeed, but you can still succeed without anxiety being in the driver seat.  You just have to retrain your brain and learn how to make OCD/Your Type A personality work for you instead of being controlled by it.  

Get control of it before it ends up controlling you.  

You might also be thinking
"I've never been diagnosed with OCD. 
Would this course help me?" 

You don't need to be diagnosed with OCD in order to struggle with OCD Traits.  OCD can show up on a spectrum and not everyone falls in the debilitating range, but they can still struggle with obsessive thoughts and behaviors.  It can take up to 10 years for some individuals to be "diagnosed" correctly with OCD and still struggle daily.  Don't wait for your OCD to get worse before learning how to manage and control it.  

"Why choose a course over individual therapy?" 

Even if you have access to a therapist and are receiving individual therapy, learning the skills and strategies you need from this course can cut the expense of individual therapy and lead to faster results.  

If you don't have time for individual therapy or don't have access to a therapist, a course is the best way to get the help you need from the comfort and privacy of your your own pace.  

Frequently Asked Questions...

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