Welcome to Mental Health Break Podcast, where we bring you cutting-edge insights to empower your personal and professional growth. In this episode, we dive deep into the transformative strategies for ending self-sabotage with Dr. Pat Boulogne, a renowned high-performance mastery mentor, functional medicine doctor, and international bestselling author. Dr. Pat is the CEO and founder of Health Team Network, a pioneering company committed to revolutionizing health, lifestyle, and mindset through science-backed solutions and personalized programs.

About Dr. Pat Boulogne

Dr. Pat Boulogne is a dynamic force in the realm of health and mindset mastery. With her comprehensive expertise in functional medicine and her extensive experience as a lifestyle strategist, she has helped countless individuals achieve holistic well-being and unparalleled success. Dr. Pat's approach encompasses a thorough examination of the mind, body, and soul, leaving no aspect of personal development unaddressed.

Key Takeaways from the Episode

  • Dealing with the underlying emotions related to physical pain
  • Why we self sabotage
  • Asking why you're not getting better despite doing what you're supposed to do. 
  • Exploring the significance of a holistic approach to health, encompassing both physical and mental well-being

How to Achieve Your Greatest Goals in Less Time

Dr. Pat Boulogne's dedication to simplifying high-performance solutions and fostering a resilient mindset is evident in her approach. Through evidence-based programs and strategic solutions, she assists individuals in realizing their ambitions swiftly and effectively. Her emphasis on faster, simpler, and safer methodologies ensures that clients remain consistently on track, achieving their desired outcomes with remarkable efficiency.

Connect with Dr. Pat Boulogne

To learn more about Dr. Pat Boulogne's groundbreaking methodologies and to stay updated with her latest insights, you can connect with her via the following channels:

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