Rachel Vanderpool Rosario is a registered dietitian nutritionist with an integrative approach. She holds licenses in MA and MD and has a virtual practice called Insight Nutrition & Wellness Counseling. Rachel offers nutritional therapy and counseling for gastrointestinal disorders, autoimmune hypothyroid, depression/anxiety, and general wellness. Rachel identifies as Afro-Dominican and is passionate about maintaining traditional foodways as part of a healthy diet and lifestyle.

In this episode, Rachel joins me to talk about the hidden racism that no one talks about.  Before talking to Rachel I was not aware of how the food industry perpetuating social injustice on the most vulnerable communities.  

I also wasn't aware that many members of the African American & Hispanic communities are forced to live in food deserts and are at risk for more health issues, including mental health.  

Rachel also talks about the importance of valuing our ancestral foods and learning more about the benefits of basic food staples related to our specific cultures.  

Learn more about the racism in the food industry here.

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