What is normal and why do we use typical behavior as the standard for normal behavior?

Marissa Loewen, a transformational Business Coach, Community Catalyst, and Creative Entrepreneur, as well as someone diagnosed with Autism, ADHD, and Anxiety, dispels the belief that there is only one way to be normal. 

 Marissa shares her own struggles with autism, that may not fit the typical profile of autism but still impacts her life.  Marissa challenges the concept of “functional” and states you can still “function” even if you are non verbal or require aides to speak or hear. 

 Marissa also addresses the challenges of fitting in a neurotypical world when you yourself aren’t neurotypical. 

 Marissa stresses the need to normalize “disabilities”, which can have a profound positive impact on the lives of those diagnosed.  

 Struggling with anxiety, ADHD, and Autism has taught Marissa that despite the limitations associated with these diagnosis, she has been able to compensate and thrive in her social and professional life.  She wants others who are struggling with their own limitations to believe they can still work towards their goals and dreams. 

 Marissa sheds light on the mental health impact of living with Autism and the high suicidality rate with women who struggle with autism. Depression, anxiety, and suicide are some of the symptoms she herself struggled with.  

Marissa also shares the challenges of navigating a marriage and personal relationships as she deals with symptoms of Autism and ADHD.

 Marissa shares useful tools that have helped her focus and stay on task and stresses the importance of accommodations and willingness to work with the child or adult struggling with a disability or disorder.

Marissa can be found on createtherules.com and you can follow her on Instagram @createtherules


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