With so much going on with homeschooling, working from home, and shelter in place, many parents are struggling with finding their balance.  Parent coach Ani Varbedian joins us to talk about managing the stress of working from home and addresses behavior issues related to anxiety and depression with children and teens. 

With experience working in the schools as well as in private practice, Ani brings her wealth of knowledge to teach parents the importance of taking a pause during stressful situations.  Ani shares how she supports and empowers the parents in her work so they can be more effective in their role as parent. 


Additional Topics covered:

  • Teen suicide
  • Emotional high’s and low’s with teens
  • The importance of consistency with parenting
  • Fear of setting limits
  • How anxiety is expressed in children
  • The negative impact of excessive screen time
  • Support for parents during quarantine
  • When to reach out to a therapist and get help

To learn more about Ani and join her parenting group, Click here.   Visit the Parenting Intentionally website here.

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