What is emotional intelligence and how can you use it to build happy and healthy relationships?  

Some believe emotional intelligence is more important than cognitive intelligence...at least when it comes to healthy relationships.

Hosai Mojaddidi, an author, speaker, teacher, mental health advocate, and spiritual counselor, will teach you exactly what emotional intelligence is and how it helps you improve your communication, understand your temperament, and figure out what your love language is.  You can't attract happy and healthy relationships if you don't understand what you want and need from others.  

Tune in to learn more about the 5 key elements of Emotional Intelligence, the Four Temperaments,  and the 5 Love Languages, all of which can significantly improve your relationships. 

Hosai Mojaddidi can be reached on Instagram @hosaimojo

 Or you can check her out on her website.  


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The 5 Love Languages

Emotional Intelligence

The Four Temperaments



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